Product Install Specialist

Hand Selected Specialist

Each Specialist has been hand selected and trained by Johnny G, to ensure the highest quality of instruction for your orientation of the new Johnny G Spirit Bike. This is a virtual service, and will be conducted in a format conducive to both instructor and specialist.

Enthusiastic Consultants

Each Specialist has years of experience in teaching/coaching indoor cycling. They are here to act more as a consultant, to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the use and application of the electronic capabilities of the bike.

Every session will need to be purchased in advance.

You, as the client, will be required to purchase an assigned voucher; valued at $100.00; to initiate the reservation process. Each voucher is good for (1) 45min consulting session, and is a one-time use.

Sign up process as follows:

Step 1. 
Buy the Voucher right away or Fill Out the Pre-purchase Information Form.

Step 2.
If you click Buy Now, you will be directed to the voucher purchase form. Here, you will be assigned a voucher order number and directed to schedule your session with the appropriate specialist based on the information you entered.

Step 3.
After purchase you will be directed to a short contact form that will get you in connected with your regional Johnny G Spirit Bike Install Specialist. You can fill out the form immediately after purchase or at a later date when you want to redeem it.

Step 4.
Once you have purchased a voucher, and completed your session, you will then be issued your certificate of completion from JGM.