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reinvention of indoor cycling

The Johnny G Spirit Bike is the perfect innovation – with the past molded and forged into the future. The electronically-controlled magnetic resistance creates an opportunity to duplicate, replicate and differentiate your training sessions. Performance metrics are accessible at all times on the high-visibility LED display. The cockpit-style console has been strategically crafted to transport you into an elevated state of performance through the integration of mind and body.

  • Multi-point touch sensitive electronic shifting
  • Proprietary handlebar
  • Hybrid-feel, cog-drive timing belt
  • Solid metal platform with clip and strap/SPD pedals
  • Electronically-controlled magnetic resistance
  • Anatomical relief-zone seat
  • Smart, Bluetooth-enabled electronics

“The Ride of Truth™ is the purest form of challenge, liberation and reality on a bicycle. You and the machine are stacked against your mind, body and time. All rides are not created equal, nor are the miles that are logged, yet there is a place for everyone to face, pace and embrace themselves.” — Johnny G

Offered Training:

  • Instructor Master Text to Indoor Cycling
  • Ride of Truth Instructor Training
  • Conditioning Program Audio Series
  • Immersive Training Retreats

Johnny G is a fitness visionary who has committed his life to helping people maximize their own potential – empowering them to cultivate lives of passion, health and happiness while strengthening both their mind and body. His newest creations, the Johnny G Spirit Bike and Ride of Truth program, represent not only the ultimate evolution of his love for biking, technology and design – they also celebrate the connection of mind and body that’s made possible through sport.

“It takes one moment to change your attitude, and in that moment you can change your life” — Johnny G

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